Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REVIEW: Pixi Scent

Front to Back: rose, mimosa, fig
I bought these scents at hautelook for about $9.50 each a month ago and I'm absolutely loving them. I love how simple the bottles are and also I'm loving the pastel colors on them but most important of course is the smell. :) The smell isn't too overpowering unlike other perfumes out there. It's very chic and it smells so innocent (if that makes any sense) haha. Each bottle is 30ml and I'm not sure if this is the only size they have since I haven't really explored the whole pixi line. I've only seen this brand at my local Target store. Most of the items are out of stock too.

Let's get started with the scents shall we? :)

eau de parfum a la rose
What it says: Perhaps the most loved flower there is. The symbol of innocence, love and passion. Evokes rich memories with its clean, natural aroma. Luxurious, rejuvenating, soothing and uplifting. The rose has been used as a powerful aphrodisiac since antiquity. Cleansing and refreshing. This the most delicate flower of love. 

eau de parfum au mimosa

What it says: Mimosa's fluffy pom pom flowers offer one of nature's most beautiful scents known to have mood uplifting and anti-stressing properties. It evokes the promise of warmth and summer as the powdery and delicately feminine scent lingers gently on the skin. Irresistibly silky, floral, refreshing & creamy.

eau de parfum a la figue

What it says: Celebrated for 2000 years for its health and skin care benefits, the fig, favorite fruit of legendary beauty Cleopatra, has the highest overall mineral content of any fruit. The sensual aroma of sun-ripened fig is delicious, fruity, green and herbal. It is light and fresh on the skin with a woody twist, making it the perfect all over skin scent.

I love all the scents! I will definitely recommend them to anybody. Perfect for summer! :) The scent is long lasting that you only needed to apply it once. Definitely a keeper!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

REVIEW: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

Two weeks ago, I went to my local drugstore and bought a new cleanser, cream and toner. I wanted to get a cheaper alternative for my skincare regimen. 

Left to Right: Pond's Clarant B3, Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner, Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash
 After 2 days of using all these products, I started to develop red bumps on my face. I was thinking that this should be normal since my skin is getting used to the products and will eventually subside. I guess I was wrong. :( 10 days later, a lot more came out. So I was thinking it was either the toner or cream that's causing this. I ruled out Purpose because it's such a gentle wash. I stopped using the cream and toner and decided to finish my old cleanser (philosophy purity) and since it was too late for me to go out and buy a night cream, I was lucky enough I've gotten the philosophy take a deep breath sample from myglam. That night, I washed my face with my old cleanser, used my juju aloe toner and tried out the sample cream. Voila! The next day, the red bumps were half gone! I was surprised! So I kept using my philosophy cleanser until the bottle was empty. Yes, my face started to clear up and I'm a happy duck again. Last night, I started using the Purpose cleanser again and to my surprise the next day, I had those red bumps again! Oh my! I found the culprit! It was the Purpose Cleanser!!! I was shocked because I've read a lot of great reviews about this product. It's gentle for your skin and it's dermatologist recommended. Also, the price is great! ($4)
Purpose Cleanser = :((((
I'm sorry that I have to post my nasty cheek (also have the same amount of red bumps on my other cheek). I just wanted to show you guys how bad it is. I've never had a skin reaction in my life like this before. I am devastated!

Today, I went to Sephora to purchase philosophy Purity and also bought the full size of philosophy take a deep breath cream. I am quite scared of trying new skincare products right now after this incident.

My Rating:
 0 dumpling 

Again, this is my opinion. I've had a bad experience with this product. You may have a different opinion with this cleanser. Anyone with a good experience with this facial cleanser then I'm happy that it worked out well for you.

MyGlam & Beautybar: June 2012

I'm combining both of my sample boxes into one post. I have received the myglam and beautybar sample society about 2 weeks ago. 
So far, I'm receiving 4 sample boxes per month: Birchbox, myglam, beautybar and Glossybox. 
I'm still debating which one to keep and cancel. 

So what's inside the myglam bag?
 - NYX Round lipstick in Power
- philosophy Take a Deep Breath moisturizer
- Living Proof nourishing cream
- Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

What's inside the BeautyBar box?
- Alterna Boho Waves Texture Mist
- Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream
- Oscar De La Renta Live in Love perfume
- Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper
- MURAD Clarifying Cleanser
I love everything in these boxes.. My reviews are piling up! I need to do one soon.. 

Do you guys have BeautyBar subscription?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birchbox: June 2012

Another month of receiving goodies! :) Birchbox for June 2012

What's In the Box:

~Juliette Has A Gun | Not A Perfume - make a statement with this minimalist scent which features a single ambery note $85-$110
~ Melvita | Rose Floral Water - this organic mist works as a light toner and mid-day skin refresher $22
~ stila | stay all day 10-in-1 hd beauty balm - a star multitasker, this all-in-one primer, moisturizer, sheer tint mattifies skin while canceling out redness. $38
~ theBalm cosmetics | Stainiac in Beauty Queen - two-in-one cheek and lip stain $17

Modcloth | Headband $14

This month's Birchbox is ok. Nothing to rave about much. However, I'm loving the scent on Juliette Has A Gun one; very simple.

Susbscribers for Birchbox yet? :)
If so, what did you guys get for this month? :D

Monday, June 18, 2012

Date Night with the Boifee

Today, my bf took me out on a date to see Dark Shadows at the Chinese Grauman Theater in Hollywood. I haven't been inside the main theater so I was really excited to see what the fuss is all about. I am so happy that my bf took me here tonight. The place looks sooo beautiful. The pictures I took doesn't even do justice. You have to see it for yourself for you to appreciate the beauty of this theater. Everything is so detailed. All I can say is wowww.. :) As for the movie, we both enjoyed it. :D

Enjoy the pics! 

Inside - Chinese Grauman Theater
Chinese Grauman Theater
Hollywood Highland Center
Another night of satisfaction through my lens. My bf knows I love taking pictures and that's also one of the reasons why he took me here tonight.



Beauty Swap with Dawn

I received this beauty package from Dawn last week. I was in Canada when the package arrived so I didn't get to see it right away. :) I was sooo excited to open it, however, there was a strong smell of nail polish before I even get to open it. I was thinking "uhoh, hopefully nothing spilled.. " As soon as I opened the package, one of the nail polish was broken due to handling. I guess they were just throwing my package around at the post office.. :( I have to throw that nail polish away because it was broken.. Ahh! T_T Anyway, I'm still happy that I got these items from Australia. There are a lot of things to try that I don't know which one to try first. Haha. :D

Love love love loveeee all the products she sent me. To name a few, she sent me two cuff bracelets, some samples, a sponge (which I'm dying to try), 4 nail polishes (now 3), 2 packs of earrings, max factor mascara, Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner, savvy lisptick, lipgloss, Get Cheeky Eye and Cheek shimmer, Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush, Australis bronzing wand, and so much more... :) She's definitely spoiling me! Hahaha.. <3 Love her!! :D


Please check out her blog

 Have you guys done any swap before? :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Canada 2012

Halloooo! I'm back from Canada. :D
My bf and I were there for 9 days to visit my brother and his fam. 
We had a blast up there. This is my second time I'm visiting them and would love to go back soon! :)


Biggest Daiso store I've ever seen in Aberdeen Centre

It's a 2 story Daiso

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is a lot shorter than the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Lynn Canyon is free admission though. ;)

I don't know if they're kidding or not.... O_O

We rented a FIAT :)

Looks soo cute!

Yaohan Center, Richmond B.C.

Shawarma -Al Basha in Vancouver

Falafel Wrap - Al Basha in Vancouver

7UP :)
I really don't know what flavor it is but it tasted like cream soda

Shawarma - Abdul BBQ & Shawarma in Burnaby, B.C. (Found my fave spot for shawarma ;) )

JapaDog! :D
Right to Left: Oroshi (Freshly grated daikon with a special soya sauce), Okonomi (Transformed into a hotdog! Juicy kurobuta sausage topped with bonito flakes) <- (my fave one) :)

Bye Canada! See u soon!

Looks fluffyyyyy!

Back in L.A. :)

I hope I didn't bore you guys much with this post. :) 
We had fun even though it was only for a short period of time. 
What countries have you guys visited so far? :)