Saturday, April 28, 2012

Haul #2 The Face Shop Haul


 Sooo I was doing my grocery shopping at Zion Market and came across The Face Shop store inside the market. I've been wanting to try out their products and finally bought some! :)
This is the Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream Set (it smelly really good) :D It was on sale for 30% off- $16.80 ($24.00 originally)
They look sooo cute! Makes me don't wanna use them! hahaha!

(Left): Lovely Me Petit I Perfume Stick 01Love Floral (Right): Lovely Me Petit I Cheek Stick 02Coral PongPong
Lovely Me: EX Petit I Perfume Stick 01 Love Floral -$16.00

What it says on the box:
A fantastic combination of jasmine and white musk for a romantic floral fragrance as if receiving an elegant bouquet of flowers.
Directions: Touch lightly to parts  with pulsation such as behind the ears, inner wrists or inner elbows to enjoy subdued fragrance all day long.

 Lovely Me: EX Petit I Cheek Stick 02 Coral PongPong - $16.00

What it says on the box:
A stick-type blusher for a lovely make-up with a moisture shine color
The creamy texture full of moisturizing substances creates a moisture shine color as if glowing from inside the skin to turn a pale and dull face into a vitalized and youthful one. Can be applied with only the fingers without an applicator for a smooth and even display of colors. May be used easily and simply at anywhere and anytime.
Directions: After applying a BB cream or a foundation and before using a powder, apply an adequate amount to the cheekbone areas and spread gently with fingers or a sponge to prevent boundaries.

Lovely Me: EX Cushion Blusher 01Romantic Pink
Lovely Me: EX Cushion Blusher 01 Romantic Pink - $10.00

The color is sooo pretty! I like how soft the cushion that comes with it too. :)

Have you guys tried any of these products?


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  1. i've never tried these, but everything is so cute!

    1. Yep they are! Haha.. ;)You should try it too.. Do you have "The Face Shop" store nearby?

  2. Replies
    1. They have a lot more varieties in the store.. :)


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