Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anniversary and Date Night Outfit

It's our 8th year anniversary last Thursday. Yippee!! My bf and I didn't do much that day because of school and work. So we went out last night instead. However, something came up and our plans didn't go through as what we've originally planned. He was supposed to take me to LA Prime since I loveeeeee steak. We ended up going to Seongbukdong instead which is both our favorite spot for galbi jjim.
Sorry for the picture quality..Only took it with my celfone. ^^
Rebecca Minkoff "Affair" Purse

He gave me this purse as a gift. I was ecstatic! LOL.. He knew that I've been looking for a red purse, so he bought me one! haha..I also used this last night.

Wore this last night.. Sorry for the lighting! >.< I should've taken another picture with the new bulb I bought..Anyway, this is a lace dress that I bought from Forever 21 last year which I fell in love the moment I seen it. :) 
And also wore this pair of Jessica Simpson "Nude" Pumps that bought from Nordstrom. 

Overall, last night was great. We were satisfied with the galbi jjim that we ate. Happy again! :)


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  1. 8 year anniversary!? Congrats! That is a very long time! ^_^ That's a really cute purse!

    1. Yep! ^^" Thanks! I love the purse! Haha


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