Monday, August 20, 2012

Haul #7: Back to School Shopping! *PIC HEAVY*

I'm counting my days..School is just around the corner. I start at my university on Monday but quite sad that it's gonna be my bf's last semester. Of course I am happy that he is graduating this fall but I'm sad that I'll be left there. :/ Oh well... I will be graduating next fall anyway. :) I should say we're long overdue. We should've graduated 4 years ago! Well at least I'm almost there! :D

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for the Fall semester. I've been lusting over the Longchamp Planetes Tonal Tote in black for awhile now. Thinking about it, the purse is quite useful for my university books, laptop, etc. Also, I can use it for work too in the future. It looks elegant and chic. Great for traveling as well. ;)

Longchamp Planetes Tonal Tote in black
I'm soooo excited to use the bag!! :) Out of all the Longchamp totes, this is by far my favorite one. 

Next, I stopped by Victoria's Secret to look for the VS Bombshell Summer Edition. I have this body mist before and now it's sold out everywhere and I finally got my hands on it. ;) I also bought the regular VS Bombshell, London Fragrance Lotion and Love is Heavenly. Love all the smell! I'm thinking of going back to VS to get more of the Bombshell Summer Edition. I need to stock up before they're gone! :D
Left to Right: Victoria's Secret London ($20), love is heavenly ($10), Bombshell Summer Edition($25) & VS Bombshell ($25)

How can I say no to the new Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume??? It smells GORGEOUS!!!
DOT by Marc Jacobs in 100ml (3.4 fl oz)

The bottle is soooo cute!!! ♥
Next, let's move on to accessories..Forever21 carries the most cutest accessories ever. :) Although I don't shop there anymore for clothes, I kept going back because of their accessories. :)
I'm telling you guys now that I love hearts and bows. ♥ They're pretty! :)

Bow rings from F21
I bought two different colors :) ♥
I have to buy two of these earrings by the way. They don't sell it in pairs because I think that's the trend right now where you only have to put one on your ear. I bought two so I can wear them in both sides haha.
Again with the hearts and bows.. :D ♥
I bought these because they look quite elegant. :) The far left one are clip on earrings. :)
Heart hair pin. :) Isn't it cute? ♥
Black & Gold necklace
I love this chain necklace. I already have one top in mind where this can be a perfect match with. :) Long-sleeved polo shirt? What do u think? :)

For this one, when I was browsing online, I didn't know that the bottle will be quite big. I thought it's going to be tiny! haha It's still cute though. However, you can't really open the bottle. It's just for decoration. No use of it but just a charm on your necklace. :D

I bought my last piece of item literally yesterday which I know I have to stop because my bf is giving me the you're-spending-way-too-much-again look. :) LOL

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch
I'm picky when it comes to watches but I got my eyes fixed on this one the moment I seen it in the store. The saleslady told me that it's part of the new collection this Fall. I've seen the Silver Color Stainless Steel Camille one online which I will buy it too. :) I like it that it's in roman numerals instead of the regular numbers. 

I bought some clothes too and shoes but maybe I should put that in a separate post later since this one is getting a bit long! :D

Have you guys done any shopping lately? Care to share? :) ♥


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  1. Thanks for the follow! Following you back. :)

    Love the bow rings from F21! I just went recently and didn't find great accessories as much as you did. I'll have to go check out another F21. haha.. Can't wait to see more of your posts. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. Check the stores or maybe buy them online. Saves you a trip to go to the store. ;)

  2. such a cute tote! perfect for school.. and I'm loving that f21 jewelry!

    found the route

  3. Oh my, I love all your forever21 accessories, especially the last one!
    I always bought some accessories from forever21 too, their products are great with reasonable price. Love it!
    Great pictures and thanks for sharing (:

  4. I LOVE THIS POST! =D Love the earrings.. haha I didn't know the new trend was to use a different earring in each ear. I'm so jealous of your longchanp bag! =D

    1. haha thanks! and yep you only have to put one earring on your ear..i guess? LOL

  5. wohoo.. i love the bag, super black and simple, btw the perfum bottle is so adorable,, and your ring bow also, from your picture i can say you love the cute stuff, isn't it?

    Love from Indonesia.

  6. Quite an impressive haul! I think you have the same issue as I do with choosing one or the other of something when you like both haha!



    1. Haha that's why I ended up buying both.. bad for the money

  7. Love your new Longchamp!
    And i looove Marc Jacobs perfumes!


  8. amazing purchases, love every single items, really!!!
    good choises!
    I invite you to follow my blog on, hope that you like it!!!
    You're always welcome!!!

  9. my god, thats a whole lot of stuff u got there! perfume bottle is my favourite !

  10. What a great haul! - im loving your watch and bag !!
    And i know what you mean, i hate it when they sell a set of random earrings!
    Great post as always hun xxxx

    1. Thanks!! :D I know right? It's usually the pretty ones too that end up being in a random set..

  11. LOVED reading this post! Your go so many cute accessories! xx

  12. That marc jacobs perfume bottle is so adorable!!


  13. lovin the jewerelly! so cute and pretty^^

  14. Love everything that you posted ! Looks like you are ready to head back to school in style :)

  15. Wooooow!!!! Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    maybe we can follow eatch other?

  16. OMG!
    How cute is that MJ perfume!
    I can't wait to go the nearby store and buy

    Please feel free to visit my blog, let me know if you like it,
    and if you'd like we can follow each other on GFC.

    1. Will do! :) It is a very cute bottle I couldn't stop looking at it haha

  17. Such a fabulous haul!

    Now, I am totally jealous, I just want to run to the stores now!
    Is that MK watch expensive?
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    Follow @20YS on Facebook: TWENTY YORK STREET
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  18. This post is amazing, I love it!

  19. P.S. Thank you, darling!
    I'm now following you back on GFC.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.
    have a great day, love!

  20. hello! i like your blog! im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin! If you like my blog, please follow me back

    And my photografer web

  21. I pretty much love everything you bought... especially the forever 21 earrings (so adorable!) and the victoria's secrets fragrances... they smell so nice!!!

  22. i've done some shopping too lately :P I'm going to make a haul soon.

    anyway want to follow each other's blog?


  23. Seems like you haul-ed well! I love your buys especially the accessories and that watch! :D You are all geared up for back to school! :D

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  24. Oh my shopping! I like the shape of the bag, but my eyes are on all that jewellery! Bows are adorable, but my favourite is the bottle necklace.




  26. You are going to look super cute with your new accessories and new tote bag!! You already start out your semester with an A for fashion!!

  27. I followed your blog, will you please follow me back?

  28. The Dot perfume has such a cute packaging, loves! How's the quality of F21's accessories? Do they last long?

    1. The quality is actually pretty good..I still have the accessories I picked from them a year ago and it still looks good.. :)

  29. Love the acessories and the blog!

    Following you vic GFC, Follow me back?


  30. love everything! the bow rings are so cute!


  31. Wow! what a great haul! I am loving everything about it especially those accessories and the Marc Jacobs DOTS perfume.
    perfumes online

  32. what a fabulous haul
    you got there dear .


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