Friday, August 3, 2012

Great Week! :)

It's been a great week for me so far. Although I'm not quite done with the bedroom yet which I promised I would be taking you guys in a mini house tour. I should be done by tomorrow noon and would be posting the house tour tomorrow. :) 

I have been cleaning still for the past few days and also been trying out my new camera. I know I would only be mainly using this for quick snaps of things. The dslr that I have is quite heavy. So, this camera helps a lot! I love the picture quality! <3 But of course I still love my dslr, don't get me wrong. Hehehe :D

Here are a few quick snaps from the Lumix (few means 3 pics LOL):

Meet my rottweiler: Peanut! Quite a name for a rottie huh.. ;) LOL I chose that name because I want him to appear more cuddly.. ♥ Hahaha
I actually do have another dog (a dachshund) but he hates it when my camera is right up on his face.. I guess who doesn't? hehe :P But hopefully I will get some pics of him soon! If you guys follow my instagram, I actually took a picture of him recently. But the rottie loves to pose a lot more.. ;)

Eggs Benedict from Creme de la Crepe Long Beach
Yesterday, my bf and I had a lovely breakfast nearby our place. We ordered Eggs Benedict which was oh so delicious. The hollandaise sauce was terrific. I would definitely try making these at home. 

This one was our lunch earlier today. Spring mix salad and halibut fillets. :) Bf cooked the fillets and I made a homemade dressing.. ;) Gotta load up with the veggies! 

Overall, I love the picture quality! I'm a Canon user but I instantly fell in love with this camera. ;) ♥


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I ♥ reading your comments. Thanks for stopping by! :)